“HOMELAND: Piano Music from Argentina Vol. I”      

Natalia González Figueroa’s CD Homeland, presents a promenade in the sound landscapes of Argentina, from the XXth century to present time, through some of its most significant composers, at least as far as is referred to “nationalistic aesthetics”. The journey begins with the folk “impresionism” of Alberto Williams, which can already be perceived from the suggestive title “Poem of the Ravine”, structured in three movements. The unmistakable lyricism of Santa Fe city’s composer Carlos Guastavino can be appreciated in his “Three sonatinas” from 1949 written in London. Moving forward in time we arrive to Alberto Ginastera`s “subjective nationalism”, where the folk elements are accompanied by big dissonances and energetic rhythms in his Sonata Nº 1 in four movements. The recording ends with a more recent vision of national folk music: the “ Chacarera endebussyada ” by joung composer Juan Manuel Abras, who, in words of the renown composer and conductor Lucio Bruno Videla, “juxtaposes a selection of lyrical and choreographical musical elements of local and popular origin (chacarera and baguala), submitting them to musical resources, in this case of a French aesthetic, supporting the long standing intercultural relation between France and Argentina”. Natalia’s interpretation is impeccable, powerful, virtuosic, full of energy but also of  a variety of colours and subtleties that make this record a real jewel of argentinean discography for piano.  (byMusica Clasica BA) (2018)

Edited by: Independent

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Poema de la Quebrada, Op.79 (1920) de Alberto Williams (1862-1952)
1 Rumores de hojas
2 Vislumbres crepusculares
3 Hilo de agua
  Tres sonatinas (1949) de Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000)
4 Movimiento
5 Retama
6 Danza
  Sonata No.1, Op.22 (1952) de Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)
7 Allegro marcato
8 Presto misterioso
 9  Adagio molto appassionato
10 Ruvido ed ostinato
11 Chacarera endebussyada (2010) de Juan Manuel Abras (1975-)

“Sonata Tanguera Buenos Aires Alquimia EP”      

Based on the classic sonata form, Aguirre creates a new musical form developing with an extremely elaborate language, which inherits the most exquisit composition resources from Bartók, Stravinsky and Debussy, manteining the exact doses of the “porteña” music of Buenos Aires city, so that tango is un underlaying idea thorout the piece. It manteins a formal structure, that comes from the disaggregation of a sonata form’s firts movement. (by Paola Rompato) (2017)

Edited by: Tango Malambo Music

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1 Mov I Allegro Tanguero
2 Mov II Misterioso
3 Mov III Cómodo
4 Mov IV Lejano – Calmo y Meditativo
5 Mov  V Allegro
6 Mov VI Interludio
7 Mov VII Milonga

“Ginastera – Salgán: my little little homage EP”      

My little homage to these greate argentinean artists. The beautiful song to the forgetfulness tree composed by Ginastera and, specially, three unedited miniatures for piano as a premiere recording, that I had the pleasure and honour of receiving and working with Horacio Salgán, uone of the leading referents of tango argentino, and also a great pianist, student of Scaramuzza.  (2016)

Edited by: Tango Malambo Music

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1 Milonga: Canción al árbol del olvido (Piano) from Canciones op. 3 (Alberto Ginastera)
2 Miniatura Nº1 (Horacio Salgán)
3 Miniatura Nº2 (Horacio Salgán)
4 Miniatura Nº3 (Horacio Salgán)

“Modern Piano Tango”

An interesting compilation of piano works inspired on argentinean Tango by international composers, from Satie and Stravinsky to Piazzolla, Marlos Nobre and Pablo Aguirre. The soloist presents the result of her hand by hand work with some of the creators, searching for the idea of tango for contemporary piano at the concert hall. An innovative proposal, an interesting encounter: Tango sound from the perspective of 20th and 21st century composers. Works where Tango shows itself or just lets itself be guessed.

Modern Piano Tango on REBEAT Artist Camp

Edited by Tango Malambo Music

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1 Tango Para Piano (I. Stravinsky)
2 Picasso (Astor Piazzolla)
3 Tango Op. 64 (Marlos Nobre)
4 Un Tango en la Madrugada (Horacio Salgán)
5 Pasion Ensordecedora (Pablo Aguirre)
6 Le Tango perpétuel (Erik Satie)
7 Mozartango (Juan María Solare)
8 Valsa-Tango (Hubertus Hofmann)
9 Nocturno Porteño (Pablo Aguirre)
10 Tanguín – de Tres Tangos de Concierto (Antonio M. Russo)

“Buenos Aires Hechicera”

Piano and Chamber Music by argentinean composer Pablo Aguirre. Natalia González Figueroa, piano and guest artists.
Distribuye: EPSA Music

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  Nombre Tiempo
1 Sonata Tanguera nº 6 Buenos Aires Hechicera: 1. Allegro 3:00
2 Sonata Tanguera nº 6 Buenos Aires Hechicera: 2. Andante 2:16
3 Sonata Tanguera nº 6 Buenos Aires Hechicera: 3. Allegro 1:20
4 Sonata Tanguera nº 6 Buenos Aires Hechicera: 4. Milonga 1:57
5 Sonata Argentina, Pasión, Esperanza y Gloria: 2. Andante (feat. Ana Laura Gonzalez) 3:02
6 Pequeña Fantasía Argentina 3:31
7 Suite Porteña Para Violín y Piano: 1. Ambición 4:02
8 Suite Porteña Para Violín y Piano: 2. Sueño 5:03
9 Suite Porteña Para Violín y Piano: 3. Realidad 3:05
10 Aguas Verdes 2:24
11 Distancias 3:34
12 Imágenes del Alma Suite para Guitarra y Piano: 1. Inspiración 2:12
13 Imágenes del Alma Suite para Guitarra y Piano: 2. Melancolía 3:13
14 Imágenes del Alma Suite para Guitarra y Piano: 3. Pulsión 2:00
15 Canción de Cuna para Elisabeth Anaí 1:43
16 Inmensidad 4:09

Concierto Tango (2006)

A tribute to Tango music viewed from the optics of contemporary music for piano. From Stravinsky and Satie to Ginastera, Piazzolla and Marlos Nobre.

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“Canto de Latinoamerica”

Latin American Chamber Music

Ana Durañona, mezzo-soprano
Natalia González Figueroa, piano
Editado por Arlequim Musical (Brasil)

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     PERU 6 cantos indios del Perú (Andres Sas)
1 La Parihuana
2 El Pajonal
3 La Cuzqueñita
4 Alas de oro
5 Suray Surita
6 Amor se paga
     ARGENTINA Poemas Norteños (Angel Lasala)
7 Nube
8 Misterio
9 Angel – Artista invitada: Gabriela Machado, flauta (Brasil) 10. Triste (Alberto Ginastera)
10 Chacarera (Alberto Ginastera)
11 Milonga Calabacera (Alberto William)
12 Kori killa (Eduardo Caba)
13 Kapuri (Eduardo Caba)
14 Kollavina (Eduardo Caba)
15 Ivá (Juan Carlos Moreno)
16 Modinha Heitor Villa- Lobos)
17 Essa negra Fulo (Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez)
18 Acalanto da Rosa (Claudio Santoro)
19 Papagaio Azul (Edmundo Villani Côrtez)
20 Dengues da mulata desineteressada (Marlos Nobre)

Guest Artist on:

Ser Aires – SLAP! Wind Quintet with Natalia González Figueroa on piano (2016)

Tracks: 1-4 Suite del Centro (Gerardo Di Giusto – Córdoba, 1961)
Slap Quintet: Nicolás Ahumada, sax – Ramiro Dantas, clarinet – Leandro Frana, bass clarinet – Gonzalo Brusco, fagot – Gustavo Ahumada, oboe.
Natalia González Figueroa, piano

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Pa’ que trabaje el grandote – Sergio Rivas (2012)

Tracks: 7 Kicho (A. Piazzolla) / 13 Caminando (R. Mederos)
Sergio Rivas, double bass
Natalia González Figueroa, piano

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Ideas & Emociones – (Tangos & Melodías en Violín y Piano) – Saúl Cosentino (2012)

Tracks: 4 Elegía para un ídolo caído (S. Cosentino) – 6 L’aquilone (Fabián Pérez Tedesco) – 12 Toccata porteña (S. Cosentino)
Esteban Raspo, violín
Natalia González Figueroa, piano

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