Concert Tours Italy/Spain 2017-2018

Published 4 of May 2017

Argentine concert pianist Natalia Gonzalez Figueroa has performed in Italy and Spain on two consecutive concert tours in May 2017 and October 2018. Both tours were considered of Cultural Interest by the “Dirección Nacional de Asuntos Culturales” of the Argentinean  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship due to the the trajectory of the artist’s career.

Tour 2017 Italy

She visited Pistoia, Arezzo, Firenze and Milan, with piano solo and chamber music concerts, as well as a piano Masterclass. For her solo piano recitals “Impresiones musicales argentinas“, she presented a program with music by leading argentinean composers, including works recorded on her upcominc CD “Homeland: Piano music from Argentina vol. I”. She also participated in a chamber music concert, with italian flute-player Luca Magni, with music by Donizetti, Devienne, Schnittke, Rota, Aguirre and Casella.



may 10th, 21hs

Villa Magni – Casa Musicale

Chamber Music Recital

Luca Magni, traverse flute

Natalia Gonzalez Figueroa, piano

Music by Donizetti, Devienne, Schnittke, Rota, Aguirre, Casella.


Aula Magna del Liceo Musicale F. Petrarca

may 11st, 11hs.

Piano Masterclass

Piano Recital “impresiones musicales argentinas”


may 12nd, 21.20hs

Special Guest – Concerti di Santa Monaca

Piano Recital “Impresiones musicales argentinas”


may 21st, 11hs.

Festival Piano City Milano

Piano Recital “Impresiones musicales argentinas”


Tour 2018  Italy / Spain

She visited Rome, Firenze and Barcelona, with piano solo recitals “Impresiones musicales argentinas“, presenting a program with the european premiere of the Second Piano Sonata by composer Luis Gianneo (1897 – 1968) on the 50th anniversary of his death, as well as music by leading argentinean composers, including works recorded on her CDs “Homeland: Piano music from Argentina vol. I” and “Buenos Aires Alquimia EP“.


October 23rd, 19hs

Chiesa di Santa Monaca – Via Santa Monaca, 6 Firenze  Associazione Rami Musicali

 October 26th, 18hs.

Auditorio Casa Argentina en Roma. Embajada Argentina en Italia – Sección Cultural Ufficio Culturale – Ambasciata  Argentina 

October 29th, 19 hs.

Auditorio Cullel y Fabra – Centre Sant Pere c. Sant Pere Més Alt, 25 Barcelona Associaió Musical de Mestres Directors


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